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Raising from the Dark Times

Hi everyone!
Although I did some bodybuilding in the past, very poorly done, I am now into raw powerlifting. By reading my numbers you will conclude that I’m a pussy, but the major information to know are:

  • I’m 34, 1’87cm per 72 kg and I always struggled to put weight. My legs are especially embarrassing small.
  • I’m Italian and now living in the Netherlands
  • I am raising from very dark times where RSI made it impossible to me even eating with the fork, let alone lifting weights, and inguinal hernia and an inflammation of my right leg tendons took care of the fact that I could still train my legs.
  • I discovered that to raise from these dark times I had to build my strength starting from absolutely zero. I therefore started with calisthenics, with five sets of two push-ups, ( :S after two months I could do 50 in a row!) then added chinups, pullups, dips and bodyweight squats. I could then finally put a foot in the gym and got a very boring body building mixed powerlifting routine. I got a bit stronger but mostly I built some basics
  • I now switched to Starting Strength. I’m in the very novice phase. These are my lifts:
  • squats: 50 kg
  • bench press: 45kg
  • deadlift: 50kg
  • overhead press: 25kg.
  • power clean: not started yet.

I eat clean and take protein shake every evening before to sleep and immediately after the training.
I’m definitely not going to do gomad.

I have to wait till Sunday for my next training, it feels like an eternity! My training days are: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Forgot to mention, but the weights I wrote down are my current working sets for Starting Strength, not my 1RM.
The funny thing is that though it gets heavier every time it still doesn’t feel very heavy and I can recover very fast.

Good training.
3x5 squat 52,5 kg
3x5 press 30 kg
1x5 deadlift 55 kg

I’m doing high bar squat instead of the low bar variation and squatting a little above parallel as advised for people that had my same injury. I’m not going to compete so I don’t have to worry about it.