Raising E2 Levels

The results from my first blood test after starting TRT came in yesterday, and my T has tripled whereas my E2 actually went down to 11.5. It was at 18 when starting TRT.

I was taking some rhodiola rosea which may have contributed to this, but I certainly noticed some semi-ED problems lately and generally felt like shit (I quit taking the RR and I things have certainly improved).

Is there a way to safely increase E2? I 'd like to fall in the low 20s instead of the rock bottom of the range as I can attest from personal experience that E2 at 11.5 SUCKS!


Are you taking any other E2 blockers? Im not very familiar with what you were taking but it sounds interesting.

Its kinda unusual to have E2 that low without taking a prescription E blocker. I recently experienced a similar dive in my libido as well joint pain and fatigue from low E2. So i cut my Adex dose in half to .25mg 2x a week and that helped me. Your situation sounds bit different though.

Thx MadDoza - no, no E2 blockers here. I’m on testopel, and my total T went from 212 to 615. I think I probably just need to continue to up my total T to see an increase in E2, but I’m thinking that the RR may have had an E2 blocking effect.

I’m also considering bringing up hCG with my doc even though I’m on the pellets. It may help bring up the E2.