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Raising Agression

I was wondering if anyone knew of any supplement other than an ECA or MD6 to raise agression levels to go to the gym. I love the enrgy that MD6 gives me, but I need that killer instinct. I realize you can’t buy "rage in bottle " but was wondering if anyone knows of any good supplements. I have read that mibolerone will temporarily do this but I don’t have access to it.

Work out at a time the gym is filled with irritating people. Better yet move to a place where the people in general tick you off. I went to a small New England college for 3 years and just couldn’t stand the prep school snotts. I got so pissed in the weight room that I ended up putting on 45 pounds of ripped muscle (drug free). I would not recomend this approach to others. Steroids are much cheaper than top-ranked colleges and probably better for your mental well being.

I hear that halotestin and cheque (sp?) drops work well for aggression, but they are of course illegal steroids.

Try Forskoli. It is an indian herb (india, not native american). Most health food stores carry it. It will help with fat loss and give from mild to major agression. I felt like I was on a heavy cycle (as far as agression goes). Be carefull. I didn’t like getting that agressive. It stays in your system for up to 12 hours.

Yeah, Androsol. I just started my first cycle and at 60 sprays I feel like I want to kick everyones ass in the gym and out. I haven’t felt this aggressive since my 20’s, I love it.

Four pills of Tribex does it for me. I take them twice per day, 8 hours apart. The first dose 2 hours before the workout.

YES, Tribex-500! It takes 5 or 6 to get me aggressive, though. Note that it’s not a “bad” aggression, just a feeling like you aren’t going to take shit from anybody. I always try to time a dose an hour before a workout.

i find that watching about 5 minutes of Big Brother before going to the gym usually works. I have an unhealthy hatred for that show and the people in it.

Thanks for the tip bodz. One other question is what’s the dosage ? I weigh 215 lbs. and am 22 years old. What is the brand that you use ?

Have you thought about smelling salts? They will certainly raise your level of arousal. They also help if you are, for some reason, greatly sleep deprived. I learned to used the caps during a field exercise in advanced training for the Army. After six days of very little sleep, it was the only way I could great my team ‘up’ to execute missions. Just a thought.