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Raising a Family in Colorado or Wyoming?


I may be moving up into the Rockies area soon and being a father of 3 kiddos I would like to know if anyone has any "inside" knowledge on the areas. I am pretty much able to move anywhere in the area of Colorado or Wyoming. The company I am going to be working for again does have a small office in Evanston WY. Anyone have any knowledge that may be useful?


Colorado is AWESOME!!! If I return to the states, that is where I am planning on moving to. Look at the Denver area, or Boulder. Beautiful state.


Thanks, Beast- Although I have heard Denver can be pretty pricey I have not checked out some of the surrounding areas I will for sure look into that area. Thank you for your service by the way


Um, I'd be careful with Boulder, definitely a very interesting place. I'm up in Fort Collins, great place for a family. It's been voted best place in the country to live and raise a family a few times. Most of the places up the front range would be good. Castle Rock is great, Loveland or Longmont are alright. Denver is huge really, sure you could find one of the suburbs that would have whatever you're looking for.


Well by going to Colorado you have already raised your family by a mile!


Ha ha Very witty NARDS,
Thank you usaffirefighter for the insight to that area.


I grew up in Colorado, and my mother grew up in Wyoming, so I spent summers there as a child. I currently live in Denver. Wyoming is definitely more of a cowboy culture than Colorado, and it is very rural. I drove to ND with a friend of mine last year and we didn't have cell phone reception through most of WY.

Property is definitely going to be cheaper in WY, unless you go for a rural area in CO. It will be a lot easier to find good school, doctors, jobs, etc. in Colorado simply because the population is bigger, but it is also more expensive.

While our home prices deflated significantly in the past few years, our foreclosure and unemployment rates, while high, aren't super crazy destructive high. The economy in CO tends to get hit early in recessions, but the hits aren't as hard, and don't last as long.

Wyoming also is colder and windier than CO.

Best thing I can say for Wyoming is they do have some epic outdoorsy stuff, and you can buy all the fireworks you want. I would never want to live anywhere but CO.


I remember gas being cheaper in WY. I would avoid Colorado Springs, horrible traffic. I hear good things about Fort Collins. Denver, well that depends on where/ how you want to live. It is pricey and the lots tend to be small.

Do you want a lot of land? Do you want close shopping? How close do you want to be to the mountains?

Bueno Vista and areas south are pretty interesting.


I lived in Laramie for a while. relatively close to cheyenne, ft collins and denver for an airport. College town, cheap, good outdoor activity and I think Wyoming's only vegetarian restaurant (not for me personally, but always impressed visitors from east coast). Schools seemed good, at least the high school.