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Raised Test Dose, Having Issues

Oh Im so unhappy I dont have friends on the internet forums…just dropped a tear now :smiley:

Yes you can learn to behave civilized in the network communities. For example if we were in the same country I could easily sue you for at least 20 different things and take a good amount of money from you at the end

That’s gonna be a minute.

Sharing different viewpoints is fine. Debating different treatments is fine. Having a blatant disregard to support your opinions with evidence when asked, treating personal opinion as anything other than n=1, and low-key trolling members are not fine.


Not that you had much credibility left, but now it’s truly all gone.


In the UK I was started in 125 mg/week. Which parts of Europe start on 250 mg/week sustanon?

I had to lower to 97.5 mg / week as I was over range on free T and total T.

I couldn’t say which specific parts as I never really paid attention but next time I see one I can ask where they are from specifically. In Europe almost everyone on TRT is using Sustanon as you know as, for some reason, getting Cypionate or Enanthate is difficult. I just see lots of guys from Europe chiming in using 250mg a week, mostly because they were originally prescribed 250mg every 2 weeks and serum levels weren’t high enough so they got 250mg every week (since it is a one time use ampule). I personally hate Sustanon for TRT. Tons of men get dialed in with it just fine. It’s the ones who have a harder time getting dialed in… boy oh boy… that stuff makes it that much more complicated.

Yes, there are lots of guys just like you who wind up with really high levels with almost no testosterone required (I call them lucky bastards lol!). On 125mg a week you were probably higher than I was on 225mg a week. This is why I keep insisting that dose is irrelevant.

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On the 20mg protocol what supplements were you taking? Dhea? Pregnenolone?
Why your progesterone high?

I think it has become easier now to get enanthate, certainly in the UK. I have managed to switch over from sustanon.

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Is it safe to say you’ve had a significantly better experience using Enanthate?

Not really to be honest. I switched over due to high prolactin. I thought possibly the shorter esters were spiking my levels earlier in the week causing the rise in prolactin. The change to enanthate didn’t change anything, but I was only clutching a straws really. It does make Sub Q much more comfortable though.

Injection frequency? SHBG?

It was once a week, then twice, now three times

SHBG 35 18.3 - 54.1 nmol/L

I did try an experiment recently and tried t3 and t4 for a month; it brought my TSH down and halved my prolactin.

3 injections a week should be more that sufficient for you, most likely. You ‘could’ also try IM just to see if there is a difference in how you feel using a different method of administration.

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On the labs I was 20mg daily IM with insulin needle to the delts rotating. I’m pretty developed in the delts so it’s going into muscle for sure!

I was taking a product called progesteraid I got off Amazon it is a men’s progesterone cream. I read a hormone book that touted its many benefits. I struggle to loose weight no mater what I do I have to nearly starve myself I have tried long workout sessions two a day session and drastically cutting calories and I can still put on weight mostly muscle I guess as I’m getting bigger and leaner but still struggling with the belly!!

I’m going to drop to 25mg and see what happens

There are very few men that benefit using a progesterone supplement. I would highly consider not taking it until you get your TRT protocol dialed in first

Yes stopping it now after seeing how high it is

Now you have to wonder if some of the symptoms you are getting were actually caused by the higher levels of progesterone. The problem is, now you will be changing two variables and you will have no idea which one was causing the issue to begin with. May I suggest ditching the progesterone supplement and keeping your current protocol to see what change that makes. If you still have issues within a few weeks, then drop the trt dose down to 25 mg daily. I always prefer to change one variable at a time, then test and assess.

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So I didnt read the rest of the thread admittedly, TLDR, but reading this last post it sounds like you are making a few more changes. Im sure someone mentioned this kind of resets your clock and it may take 8-12 weeks for your body to adjust. That means water retention, acne, oily skin, libido change etc. As long as you’re willing to stick out that dose for the next 3 months and not worry about the side effects then cool. Otherwise stay where you are are and be a few weeks into it.

As far as not being able to lose weight, this was ALWAYS my dilemma and until I got dialed in (took 2.5 years) it was always a problem. Keeping in mind that yes there was some recomp putting on muscle and dropping a little fat but nothing major. But like you all my lifts were going up so it was positive movement. I started tracking my calories the beginning of this year and I was averaging around 1900-2100 cals a day which is starvation for a 5’11" man @ 225lb so no wonder I wasn’t going anywhere. My body was holding onto all that it could and probably burning up lean mass. I was also underrating protein by about 50g a day at least. So I put together an eating plan based on 2600-2800 average cals getting 185g of protein and then filling in the rest with carbs and fats just to reset my metabolism. Taking one day off a week to eat freely, which sometimes meant not much and other times ice cream twice a day. No weight gain after 4 weeks…baseline. Dropped it to 2400 by cutting back fats and some carbs and kept the protein the same and keeping the same free day. Slowly the weight started coming off at about .5-1lb a week and Ive kept at that for about 3 months now and dropped a bunch of fat.

So long story short, I was undereating calories as a whole and undereating protein as well. Fixed that and dropped 20lbs of fat.