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Raised Test Dose, Having Issues

Taking advice from bossa I raised my dose of test to 30mg daily 210mg a week. Doing this for two weeks feeling lethargic, gained 6lbs, socks leaving deep impressions in skin, having trouble breathing with cardio, easy to anger, Anxiety, slight improvement in erections and libido Is the only benefit so far.

Drop back to 20mg daily or ride it out?

Here is labs at 20mg daily? Took two weeks to get I raised dose day after labs.


You made a change, so now you have to stick with it. This is where people start to make mistakes. I made the jump to 210mg on dailies also. Feel pretty good but took me a couple of weeks to feel the benefits. Started to look better too. It takes some time

How long were you on the previous protocol and what issues were you having that you raised the dose?

Wow 700 total t on 210mg?

Are you on sub q?

If things are tolerable, I’d try to ride it out, but don’t think you have to stick with it if it seems unbearable.

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why did you originally change dose?

That’s how it goes for me too but by week 8-12 I started felling the best I ever felt. Give it time and it’ll be worth it in the end.

Your numbers look pretty good but that’s crazy that 210mg a week only raise your total test to 700’s. Mine is up in the 1400’s on 200mg a week (daily injections).

I think he is doing sub q and except that obviously he is not absorbing the sub q well this kind of administration may be causing some of the symptoms he experienced.
And raising the dose if that is the case wont compensate, at least that was the case for me

The labs are from 20mg a day, so that would be 140mg a week

His labs are from before the raise to 210.

@p.hunt you have two options here. Either ride it out and see if things stabilize as it has only been two weeks, or drop the dose down to 25mg a day for a bit to see if the sides go away. You can always do 25 for a while and try bumping to 30 later on if you feel it neccessary to do so.


More likely, but still seems suspiciously low for 140mg, even though some people just need higher dosage on any method of administration but I think they are rare

I had similar values on 160mg weekly when I was not absorbing sub q well anymore

@vonko1988 A total of 742 on 140mg a week is rare? On which planet? Yours? You’ve already made the assumption he’s doing Sub-Q when he never mentioned it.

His free T was 21 on 140mg a week. He had symptoms. I suggested that 50% more T may raise his free T by 50% and get him closer to the free T of 30 I often see guys needing for symptom resolution. Libido and erections are now improving but he’s getting new symptoms now. Either wait it out for a bit more or lower dose to 25mg a day. Daily was recommended due to his SHBG of 12.

Yes it is rare in case of proper IM administration, not that it does not happen. Just it is rare

Keep digging that hole. The stuff you are saying is pure nonsense. Does embarrassing yourself turn you on or something?

Lots of docs start guys at 200mg a week and in Europe you get 250mg a week of Sustanon. Why? Because 140mg rarely gets the job done! It’s the exact opposite of what you’re spewing. You give advice based on your own personal experience and it doesn’t apply to the vast majority of men. My total test was 604 on 140mg a week IM and I’ve met plenty that needed significantly higher doses for symptom resolution. NOT rare.

Oh, are you dialed in yet? Nope.

Stop giving advice.

Yes it is rare. Tell me how much of these guys are doing sub q and shallow IM?

You also judge mostly by your own experience here, because you are from the rare cases whi really need higher dose to get levels.

Most people I know with 150mg per week are above 1300. And I have the other extreme examples. I know a guy while doing 275mg got to 4200 with that dose(ok over responder) and another one with 175mg who was on 2500. I should have listened to them months earlier, giving me advice to switch to IM.

If you will talk about the stupid endo protocols of using sustanon in Europe, the default way is one 250mg ampule for 20-21 days. So do the math on your won

I’m not judging by my personal experience! My personal experience is mostly IRRELEVANT. I’m judging based on the fact that I’ve personally worked with almost 2000 men at this point and I have enough data to see what doses and serum levels men are getting. I am an outlier. It’s rare for men to need what I need so I can’t judge their strategy based on me because that would be stupid. In virtually every post you compare the person to you, which is ridiculous! There are TONS of guys in the Facebook group taking 250mg a WEEK of Sustanon. So unless you were living under a rock the whole time you were in there, you would have seen it for yourself. To most men, going SubQ or shallow IM or full IM changes virtually NOTHING with their serum levels. There is even a study that demonstrates this! SOME men get better results using one method over the other. If you dealt with as many men as I have, you would have seen this. BUT YOU’RE STILL FIGURING OUT HOW TO GET YOURSELF DIALED IN!

Stop giving bullshit advice! You know NOTHING

This is absolute bulshit and one study doesnt mean a thing. The administration method often has a lot of significance, in many men it does not. You very well know what are the arguments against putting oil in the fat tissue and how that may distort the whole process

Still waiting author of the post to share whether he is doing sub-q

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Provide your study that it makes a difference for the vast majority of men. Do it.

I even ran a trial on myself using both methods. Serum values were virtually identical in both cases. Most men that are doing amazing with daily shots are doing SubQ. Again, you must be living under a rock.

Even T-Nation says so lol: https://www.t-nation.com/pharma/get-20-better-results-from-testosterone

Stop giving advice.