Raised in a Doomsday Cult

[quote]John Q. Adequate wrote:
Erasmus wrote:
We should start a cult

The “Squat heavy drink milk” cult?[/quote]

The Stick it in her pooper cult.

[quote]Makavali wrote:
John Q. Adequate wrote:
Erasmus wrote:
We should start a cult

The “Squat heavy drink milk” cult?

The Stick it in her pooper cult.[/quote]

Why can’t we be in two cults?

[quote]anthropocentric wrote:
There I was, with my family and hundreds of other church members, held up in a private $25,000,000 complex bomb shelter system.
But the nukes ever came. Within a week, we emerged from the shelter, slightly weary but with renewed faith because “our powerful prayers had stopped the missiles from ever being launched.” Thats right, WE saved the planet bitches!

Still not as weird as scientology… imagine how Tom Cruise’s kids will feel lol

Amazing story. It’s surprising that things like this can happen in this day and age, yet the general public has no idea. I’ve lived in MT for 19 years and have never heard of anything like this going on here.

I lived in Montana until I was 16. I met many weird people there. It seemed that the ability to easily isolate one’s self in Montana contributed to some people’s madness/weirdness, and the ability to find similar weird folks to be weird with them.

That’s an interesting story.

You seem bothered by the fact that your parents were taken in by this cult, that they were that naive and gullible. But as you said, your parents were idealistic people, and though they made a very poor choice, they did it out of faith and hope.

It could be a lot worse, your parents could have been abusive alcoholics, or could have run a meth lab in your kitchen.

It seems like you’re looking for some sort of closure or understanding of what happened, but you come across as a very decent guy this is just the internet, I haven’t met you in person).

So rather than digging through the past for answers that may never materialize, go forward knowing that for better or worse this made you the man you are.