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Raise Taxes/Create Jobs


AYSM! Where did this fuck get his economics education. What he is really saying is; "We need more government jobs, which equals more people joining and paying dues to my union."

This is the shit we face in America. How stupid is this fat fuck?



Even scarier is that people listen to him...

Here's a tip, groundhog - gov't workers get paid from the paychecks of we the taxpayers! Raising taxes just to hire more government workers doesn't do SHIT for the economy.



Let us rejoice that these two bed buddies (Obama and Trumka) are making their love affair public. Most of us, those who are educated and follow up on this, already knew this. But for many people, the sheeple who roam about unknowingly, this could help Republicans come voting time.


Spot on brother.


Once you assume that these people have affirmative designs on weakening this nation everything makes sense. They are not stupid. They're enemies.


I am actually shocked that Obama would come out as vocally for the unions as he has. With him losing so badly in November, people pissed about the jobs/economy situation, he is really flirting with disaster. This country is still right of center, mostly Conservative, the Republicans need to find a good contender. That is all that is needed at this point.


Humm. This is tough one.

The nation's infrastructure IS a disgrace is many areas, especially in parts of the northeast where they are operating with archaic systems. I see so many band-aids that could turn into failures. And throwing money at construction programs does create jobs. I've been on the receiving end of that many times in my career.

But I agree...putting the AFL-CIO in front of the infrastructure parade is a big turn-off.
And Obama looking all lovey dovey with the union-boss is downright embarassing.
Why did they have to go and mess it up like that?


Because Obama HAD to pull his pants down when Trumka makes sure to donate a shit ton of money to his election and reelection campaign.


It also creates worthless empty houses and strip malls.


We are talking about two different things here.

TAXPAYER supported construction programs build things like infrastructure, schools, some hospitals, bases and housing for armed forces, some laboratories, etc.

PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT (SPECULATIVE) construction programs build housing developments and strip malls. That market crashed with the financial crisis as investors couldn't get financed. A blessing in disguise if you ask me, because there is too much of that kind of overdeveloped sprawl. There should be a law against....oh nevermind. Don't get me started.


This has been "a bottomless black hole" for money to get lost in in California. Projects (like the subway to the see, the roast goat express, and countless others), are calculated much lower (not by accident) than they really cost, so the city council can propose such a grand idea to tax payers in the form of a bond measure. This story goes something like this...

"We (the worthless legislature hell bent on making you pull your pants down and not even using lube when we fuck you in the ass), would like to propose bond measure X, this would allocate funds for the construction of X (a library, school, hospital, jail, government building, etc.)

Then they use colorful euphemisms, like, "this will help ease the burden of _____". Or this will help make _______ easier, more efficient, and more streamlined. Then the people buy the bullshit, hearing about how it won't cost very much. What happens is, many of these budget proposals are DRASTICALLY underestimated, and done intentionally. So, the bullet train idea here in Cali was projected by some "government estimator" (which means he was hand picked to low ball the estimate), cost $10 Billion. Then you bring in a couple of other private contractors who estimate it, and the cost comes to around $40-50 Billion. But the public is told the $10 Billion number for obvious reasons. So they approve it and start building. After about a year, the $10 Billion is up, and they need more money. Then you hear "WTF is going on? You told us it would cost $10 Billion!" Then the govt says, well that didn't include X,Y, and Z. We need another __ dollars to finish this. The city council will then offer another bond measure to pay for the rest, because, "we can't just let $10 Billion go to waste. We can't just walk away from this."

This whole scheme works by getting their foot in the door. Once it's in, they use the "what? You won't let us in when I already have one of my feet in the door? "

NEVER, N-E-V-E-R, let the government get a project even started, for reasons like this.

It's like what is happening here in Cali. We had tax increases to obscene levels, with the promise that it would be for only 2 years. Well, the 2 years is up this June, and guess what, they want to maintain those increases for another 5 years. We have Republicans selling out, and allowing for the proposal to go to a vote. Of course, we will vote it down, (because yes I am VERY FUCKING VOCAL and spread the truth like wildfire here.) Then, when the tax extension fails, the prick state legislature will have to cut $29 Billion. Personally, I can't wait, I am drooling thinking about it. If you think what's happening in Wisconsin is something, just wait til this shit hits Cali.


I hear ya. It's like that in Jersey too. Especially with the K-12 school program in the underpriviledged urban areas. They've spend billions over the past 10 years and the urban districts are still failing. People are livid at the state for throwing all that money "down a rat-hole". The Dems, of course, say our states education is only as good as the weakest link....so build schools in the rat-holes!

Gov. Christie put a stop to all school construction when he entered office. He abandonded 1/2 built schools in the ground. Just this past month, he finally released a few schools to finish. That is a very small fraction of what the program used to be.


You are spot on Max. The thing that gets me is why people keep voting YES on every proposition/ballot initiative in this state. It doesn't matter what it's for. The proposition system might have sounded like a good idea at the time. In theory, it puts more power with the people, and usually I'm all for that. Unfortunately, it's just way too easy to collect signatures to get the things on the ballot. Californian's have NEVER seen a bond they didn't like.


Why do people vote YES? Simple, it's all about the wording. You see, most people will believe the bullshit when you rephrase something, just call it by another name. For example, Obama started using "investments", which is code for "spending." Same thing here in Cali.

Jerry Brown is trying to get his bullshit tax extension passed, and WE WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Long live John and Ken KFI 640 AM !!!


Haha. Democracy fail.


Point taken, but still we cannot even know how much public institutions provide versus how much they cost to build and maintain. If these "institutions" were private it would not be an issue at all.

My real point was that subsidization does not create things of value that the market does not already provide -- and definitely not in greater quantity, at a cheaper price, and much more efficiently.

It is a "blessing in disguise" that the private housing market crashed before it got any worse. That's the only way markets can correct.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that for government subsidized programs until the entire economy and monetary system collapses. That's a tough price for society to pay just so a government can create a few jobs, in my opinion.




There should be a primary, underlying demand for the building program besides job creation. Jersey's spent billions of bond issue money on K12 schools in poor urban districts and the State is on the brink. But I think the debt is mostly due to exhorbinant employee union benefits, not debt service from prior overzealous construction programs. I'll check that out and see if I can get the factual data on that. Its sure to be different from state to state too.



Well, like LIFTIC said...the market corrects itself which is good. But not soon enough. Now we have to look at the sprawl of vacant crap because of greedy developers and clueless local zoning boards.