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Raise Aromasin Dose for High-Mid Range E2?


2 weeks ago I raised my test dose from 600 to 900 mg. I'm also on 800 HCG a week. I raised my Aromasin from 6.25 ED to 12.5 ED shortly before raising my test dose. I've been on 12.5 ED for the entire 2 weeks except for about 3 days at the end of last week where I stopped taking it to see what would happen to my libido. I was experimenting because for some reason I thought blood work would take a while to come in and thus wouldn't inform me soon enough to make a decision for my trip (which I wanted an optimal libido for). Anyway, given all of this timing/dose increasing, here's some bloodwork I just got after I realized it's like a 48 hour process:

Test serum: 3940 (348-1197)
LH: .1
FSH: <.2
Estradiol: 29.5 (7.6-42.6 pg/ml)

Could my estrogen still be in the process of going down since I was off the Aromasin for a few days? (I got back on the 12.5 ED about 4 days before the test) Could my raising blood test level be reason enough to up my Aromasin to 18 or 25 ED? If it's not going up, will going up to 18 probably crash it? Should I just leave it alone?

I read somewhere that the best libido/mood comes from estrogen that's on the low end of the range, like 15 or so. I'd really like that back, but I also don't want to risk crashing itâ??at the same time, if the fact that I've only been on the extra 300 mg of test for a couple of weeks means E2 is still progressively going up and will put me over the range over the next 2 weeks, I don't want to risk high estrogen sides either.

Thanks guys, and happy holidays!


well, to better control estrogen, i'd lower the HCG to 250-500. you really don't need that much, and it's only taken to minimize testicular atrophy...

i think the real question, is whether you are having high E side effects or not. it is creeping up a bit, but the ratio between your test and estrogen is also part of how you feel. right now your test is approx 5x higher than a healthy male, but your estrogen is still in range. as long as you aren't retaining water, getting gyno or other high E sides, you might want to keep doing what your doing, or slightly increase the Aromasin.

but adjusting the HCG might actually have more of an effect, as it causes aromatization.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I forgot to mention that I did reduce it to 400 mg this week because I'm running out and I extended my cycle for this trip to see my fiancé. So my estrogen is going to creep up as my test stabilizes to the 900 mg dose? If so, it would seem that I could definitely up it to 18 without crashing.

The only high estrogen sides I'm getting are bloating (the fat face went away with the 12.5 mg ED but I can still press my fingers to my skin and it stays white for half a second) and the fact that libido, while functional, is nowhere near the "fuck everything that walks" level that I've had before on cycles where my levels were better. I also have quite a bid of redness on my upper chest/clavicle area. Had some bad bakcne before but that slowed down with the 12.5 too.


well, i think with you HCG down to 400, you could run with Aromasin at 18mg and should be good. the nice thing about Aromasin, is you can adjust it way faster than everything else... if you need to go up higher from there, again it's not a big adjustment or anythign.