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Rainbow and T-dudes..?

ok, after much research and questioning I have come to narrowing my options down to two. I have not yet used juice or mag-10. Im doing MEltdown right now and will switch to fat to fire after the four weeks for another four weeks, Im on a minimal maintance diet (p-190, c-150-200, f-50-75)Im 5’7’’ 162Lbs. Now my dilemma which requests your help is this: for the same price I have access to Mag-10,M, and tribex or 200 5mg winstrol tabs. Now, which one would help me out best? I want growth in the guns while shedding fat, and keep as much muscle as possible. Thanks. I also incorporate bicep work and tricep work twice a week before meltdown for both parts on seperate days.


Since you’ve never used an androgen, I’d definately go with Mag-10. While winstrol is a good choice for a cutting cycle, Mag-10 has the advantage of both class 1 and class 2 activity while winstrol is strictly class 2 type activity and as such is usually stacked with an another class 1 such as TA. After a couple cycles of Mag-10, if you haven’t gained as much LBM as you’d like, I’d add in the winstrol then.

Winny-only is pretty weak, almost worthless though it may help retain lean mass when cutting. I’d go with MAG-10. As I’ve posted on the another forum, I had better results with MAG-10 than a fina/winny stack.

Oh yeah, and it’s legal and there’s no risk of fakes or misdosed product. (That recent GAC episode has really made me worry about these things.)

sounds good guys… thanks, I’ll order the Mag-10 and tribex tommorrow. I appreciate the feedback and help with dilemma.