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Raiders Practice Too Tough?


The Oakland Raiders canceled the final week of their offseason training program Friday after complaints from the NFL players’ union about the intensity of the practices.

Anyone have any details? Seems to me that whole organization would welcome some intensity and effort into their lackluster program.

I just saw this on SportsCenter. After a 2-14 season, they need a lot of help. Coach Kiffin has brought the old school mentality back, and has the Raiders practicing harder and smarter than in year’s past.

Actually, they had it canceled for them.

The CBA limits what all teams may do at their OTAs. The union filed a grievance & the Raiders were hit with this very minor penalty. Since OTAs are over, players are not allowed to workout on their own at the team facility this coming week.

Of course, all the teams commit this same violation & there is much evidence of it, in the form of pics, video & quotes from players. The union rarely does anything about it.