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Raiders Owner Mark Davis and his Hair


WTF? The man has millions and he goes with the friar tuck haircut? Is this Tommy Boy?


What do you expect when this guy is/was your dad?


Yea....when you own a football team you can do what you want.


we have an NFL thread, ya know. Damn 2002'ers


Al Davis reportedly publicly humiliated his son on a daily basis in front of personel within the Raiders organization. I now understand why.


Further inspection

The face in general is awful. No hairstyle would help him.

Maybe the hair is to draw attention from the eyes nose and teeth?


Leave Al alone, he has only been dead for 20 years.


You guys hear the rumor about the Raiders possibly moving back down to LA?


Nope but I did hear the rumor that the Bucs will be moving to LA


That had BETTER be a fucking rumor


Well it is from of the "insiders" of the NFL. Bucs or Jags are going west my friend, they cant compete with the college teams in the area, not enough butts in the seats.


That region is saturated now that I think about it.

I'm just not cool with cali getting another sports team. Id like a random location like Neveda sp? Or missippi..anywhere.

And there's no reason to have the browns and bengals in ohio....Ohio only cares about OSU and UC really


Is that why both have sucked for a long time?

I have some friends from Ohio and they are all Steelers fans. Lol


Lol I was just talking to my brother about that. Unless you're from CLE or Cinnci you're a Steeler fan. Or if its NW Ohio you're a Lions fan. For the most part though NFLwise Ohio is Steeler Nation.

The Buckeyes are the alpha though no doubt.


Jags new owner already said he isn't moving the team.

Raiders said they want a new stadium in Oakland or they're moving into the new one that's being built in LA.

I don't think the Bucs are going anywhere. No one in LA will care about a team from Florida coming out there but they'd care about the Raiders.


Does anybody really care about the Raiders Greg, come on really.


Dude, every mexican I know LOVES the Raiders.


The Ram's are gonna be the first team in L.A. and maybe not the last. Stan Kroenke is on the NFL's relocation committee and is tight with the CEO of AIG (stadium builders in downtown L.A.)


I could see that also, they have a little history there at least.