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Raiders New Strength Coach

Anybody know anything about Tim Adams and the unorthodox stuff he’s doing the the Raiders this year?

Just wanted to say… Raiders suck.

Carry on.

Oh Jim, if ya find out what he’s using, I’d be interested in finding out. I’m always interested to see what the S&C coaches for pro teams are using.

I’ll see your “Raiders Suck” and I’ll raise you a “Go Broncos!!!”

More of a Niner fan than a Raider fan here. I was just curious about that he was doing, since all I hear is that he’s doing different stuff (focusing on team speed, doing some Oly lifts, etc) but nothing specific. Another thing I heard was some of the vets don’t want to do his warmups in front of the Black Hole because they look silly. I was hoping some of our resident strength coaches might know more. I googled him to no avail re: methods.

I’ve been a friend of Tim’s for about 20 years. I went to the Raiders practice facility a couple weeks after he got the job to see how he had things set up. It was the best training facility I’ve ever seen. Tim has certainly shaken things up a bit from the old way of doing things. Tim has been around the world working with some of the best coaches out there, Poliquin, King, Leahy, plenty of others that didn’t have much of a crossover to bodybuilding so I didn’t pay much attention when he was telling me about them. He has been working with Romanowski for probably 4 years and that was how he got a foot in the door for an interview there. They were real impressed with his approach and the feedback he’s had so far there has been real positive. Some of the veterans won’t try new things, and he’s been told more than once “that’s the stupidist exercise I’ve ever seen and I’m not doing it.” If you have any specific question you’d like me to ask him I will. Just keep it short because he’s awful busy right now.


If you can enlighten me on what workouts the vets don’t want to do… that’d be great. For curiosities sake an all.

Fantastic. I knew somebody here had to be hooked up. Questions: Team speed had certainly improved in the first preseason game. Was that something he had been working on for quite a while before camp? Or did he implement something that had immediate results? Also, the coach challenged the O line to commit “upper body violence” a couple days ago. Is he addressing that in any particular way? Tell him to get Romo to kick some ass and get the vets in line. No rush on answers. The man’s got to be way busy. Thanks.