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Raiders Fans vs Chargers Fans



Those Raiders fans probably came back with some Mack 10's and slaughtered everyone there. I fucking hate Raiders fans. Bunch of shit talkers with inferiority complexes. I went to a Raiders/Niners game at the Coliseum a few years back and sat in the Black Hole with my Montana jersey. Got pelted with shit all game but that was about it. It helped that I was with two friends who were each about 275lbs of fast twitch muscle fibers.


Watching someone else play a game is serious business.

(Says the douche with the Steeler avatar and screen name.)


Raider fans are complete douche bags, SD fans are second and closing. I heard a filthy rumor that the Chargers might move up here to LA. Please God no!


My sister's a die-hard Raiders fan and she's not a douchebag. She's pretty well-versed in all things football and Raiders, it's impressive. Anyways, I sent her this video to watch and she was dismissive of it. She tells me that Raiders fans will be hated no matter what, so it comes with the territory.

My brother is a FUCKING SERIOUS Broncos fan. GOD he can rattle off the entire history of the Broncos and not even pause for air. He is so into the Broncos that it's not even impressive - it's scary.

Personally, I never understood this obsessive fanaticism with American sports. It's bizarre and irresponsible. I feel like the only sane one in my triage of siblings.


(Chargers fan here) Hey dude, I just want to be helpful...

1. the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine Medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors.

...your family ok?


oh its happening... not a rumor


Triage, triplet whatever. The important thing is that I'm the sane one out of three.


I live in San Diego, and I hate charger fans. Honestly, the Chargers have the worst fans in the world in terms of loyalty. Raider fans are bad fans, because they're bad people, but at least they love their team through thick and thin. Charger fans, generally, are the biggest bunch of fair weather assholes there are. They will sit there and talk shit about every other team, and tell you how the bolts are the best team in the world, but then they inevitably choke, fail, and lose a game, and the fans get all butt hurt and go cry for a month or two until they win again.

Then they look at you like you're a traitor when you're not a fan of the biggest choke artists in sports, cuz you live in the same city.


California is just gay in general, so, fuck both teams and their fans.

Da Bears.


I was born and raised in San Diego and am a die hard Chargers and Padres fan. I can admit when my team sucks and will still sport my gear around town. I agree that a lot of fans in San Diego suck. Most people move here for other reasons than sports and a lot are military.

My only gripe is people that are born and raised here and like other teams. Or any city for that matter. You pick your hometown team, you don't pick the flavor of the week. I don't care how shitty the team is, you stick by them no matter what.







you are da rape and pillage king Mr Viking who is a raiders fan.