Raider Fans: The Nation?

Hey, guys…two great games, with two great teams in the Super Bowl. It should be fun!

Anyway…after the AFC Championship Game, a LOT of the Raiders were talking about “Raider Nation”.

Now…I haven’t heard this said a lot before (or maybe I hadn’t been listening!)…

So…T.C., Chris, Tim…Is the Black and Gray now the Official Team of the “Testosterone Nation”? Or are “Biotest” supplements now the official supplements of the Raiders? (After Juice, of course!..Just kidding!). Anyway…it was sort of cool to hear a lot of the Raiders refer to the “Raider Nation”…


“Raider Nation” is simply a term that refers to the Silver and Black faithful (and NOT fairweather fans-I can’t WAIT to see who gets geared up this week). Kind of like the Kiss Army, but scarier. Anyway, it was good to see them earn it. I did not want to see a blowout. A blowout in the Super Bowl would be okay though.

Did anyone see when they stuck the camera in The Violater's face and he started swearing? Classic. :)

Um, what made you specifically think there was a link to the testosterone nation?

Yep…the Violater let the “F” word fly! (Guess they didn’t have time to censor it!)

Slap…just making VERY weak connections (“Raider Nation”/“Testosterone Nation”)…actually, just wanted to make conversation about the game. The term “Raider Nation” most likely has been around longer…I just hadn’t heard it used as much before as after the AFC Championship Game…


Silver and Black!..


I don’t think it will be a blow out Super Bowl.I know I am going to get chew out this, since this a Raiders thread. But, the Radiers have no defense. Bucs, on the other hand do. I think in the end I think it will be a close game. I hope it will be close.