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Rahman vs Tua II

What a boring fight. I think Biotest needs to send both those guys some Hot-Rox…especially Rahman, dude looked like he could use a bra when he was jumping up and down. Tua has always been overrated - big puncher, no fight skills.

How they called that a draw is beyond me. Rahman should have won by at least 2 rounds (I had him up by 4). Someone had to be on the take to have Tua up by 4 rounds…there is no way!

Was this on Pay-Per-View? Cuz, I am glad we didn’t buy this!

Tony…what I do is make my own “home brew” of mixed nuts. I get big bags of walnuts/almonds from Sam’s, and then I throw in cashews, brazil nuts and macadamias…all raw. Nice variety and tastes pretty damn good too! Only problem is ya gotta be careful not to overeat which is easy to do.

I wanted Tua to beat the living piss out of him not only for coming into a fight 32 pounds overweight, but also because he a) was stupid enough to say that he ate “all low-fat foods” to get lean (which he obviously never accomplished) and b) said it in ebonics so thick that I could barely understand him. I wish Lennox Lewis had beaten him into oblivion with the table at that interview…

Patricia-No worries; it was on HBO.

Even though I missed the airing at 6 or 7 because my gym was closing early that day, I was excited enough about the fight to watch it en espanol at 10. Damn was I disapointed. I was definately pulling for Tua, but that fight was so lobsided. Heavyweights in general never seem to be as entertaining. Either it’s an early knockout (as seen lately with Tyson v Etiene or Sanders v Klitschko)or it’s crap like this, looking more like wrestling after the 5th. I think the heavyweight division is most useful for reminding us that bigger is not always better in sports. In terms of pure entertainment value, heavyweights seem not to deliver with great frequency. The recent exception of course was the Roy Jones Jr. fight, but he fought a tactical fight that reflected clearly his origins in a lighter class. To hell with heavyweights I say.

To EMckee:

I guess you never watched Ali, Frasier, or Foreman before. Ali was one of the most exciting fighter of all time and he was a heavyweight. I just think with the exception of Lennox; the heavyweight division is too watered down.

Exhitter scott- I believe that T-mag is in charge of Tua’s suplementation…

First of all, let me say that I was rambling (as usual) to a large extent and didn’t properly qualify my statements, but that said, I will continue to say that the heavyweight division is currently and has been in recent memory, quite boring. Not only is the division watered down, but there aren’t many prospects for the “next big thing” who look like they’ll arise in the near future. Lewis is a great fighter, but he has no real competative match or rivalry (unless you count the freakshow). Also, neither he nor anyone else near the top has any personality. I wish that Klitschko would have panned out better, because he might have added some entertainment (and sideshow) factor.
Given my age, I never saw Ali, Frazier, or Forman (excluding the comeback) live. You’re talking about ESPNClassic for me. I remember it being better though even in the early 90’s. Regardless, I like technical boxing a lot more than slug fests so maybe I’m just biased.

Corrie Sanders is going to rule the heavyweights. If he can do a repeat beating of Klitschko anyone of those heavyweights better be saying their prayers. He’s huge, he hits like a mule and he’s a south paw. Anyone who fights knows what a fucking bitch it is to fight a southpaw. That dude at 37 is probably in the best shape and confidence of his entire life, I hope he rock the division. I can’t honestly say any american heavyweight is gonna dazzle the world anytime soon. The times of foreman and ali have passed. Hopefully not for good.