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Rahm Emanuel Wins Mayoral Race



The bastard won, just unreal.


Al Capone would be proud!

(Doesn't it sorta' bring a tear to your eye?)



Sadly, I knew from the minute he was disqualified from running that he would win. Wait, what?




And the corruption continues...


Brought to you that elected obama as a congressman.... really, what did you expect? I have family there and they still believe obama walks on water.....


Fox News news alert:

Obama cant swim!!!


I havent been following this, so would you mind further explaining that or linking to it? I read the OP's link and it didn't mention he was disqualified. Thank you


Grew up in Chicago so I've been following this, and I knew he'd win.

The issue is that he wasn't a Chicago resident (he'd spent the past few years in DC, of course, in the Obama administration.) He left some of his old belongings in his former Chicago house, which he claimed proved residency. So one court disqualified him from the race, he appealed it, and finally he was allowed to run.

The thing is, like all cities Chicago has a budget problem. Honestly I thought Rahm was the most likely candidate to be able to do something about it. It might not be what we want (there will be some taxes and borrowing) but, say, Carol Mosely Braun was talking as though we could count on federal largesse, which isn't all that likely. Rahm might be slightly more pragmatic. I just want us to keep essential city services working (police, fire, schools, road safety, etc.) These days that's not guaranteed.


why do we always have to vote between a douche and a turd sandwich


WOW..I could not have said that better myself.


Just as an aside, have you ever heard Carol Mosely Braun speak? She is very close to being a retard. I have no doubt that her IQ is no higher than 80-85.


She spoke at graduations and MLK assemblies at my school a lot. I was a kid at the time, but I remember they seemed to be very simplistic speeches. (Then again, politicians always dumb things down.) I don't think she's a very realistic or savvy person, for sure.


Because you took a lesson from California.

You also raised taxes 66%, very much like California. Seriously, I don't know how you aren't marching in the streets, carrying politicians out nude, for such an insane tax hike.


douche v turd sandwhich.


This whole election sucked, there were three offices being sought by candidates whose only platform was that their parent had held the position before, WTF? At least all three of them lost.

Also Carole Mosely Braun is a moron, one of our newspapers had an article about how the author didn't feel she would be a good mayor, she was picketing the next day about how they are a racist newspaper.

Rahm will be interesting, hopefully he won't be as much of a king as Daley was. The town I grew up in is almost exactly half the size it was thanks to Daley's O'Hare expansion.