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Rahm Emanuel Visits JP Morgan

Why do you think he did that?

Just curious, gents.

“Small wonder JP Morgan CEO James Dimon invited White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to visit with his board of directors.”


And then there’s this:

“Had President Obama taken our trillions and set up what William Greider calls for in the current Nation magazine, a development fund for long-term capital investment, or what Mike Davis has described, a national debt bank to relieve excessive consumer and mortgage debt, your government would be addressing your crisis. But of course thereâ??s plenty of time for that.”

Why didn’t Obama do that?


[quote]belligerent wrote:
NEW WORLD ORDER man[/quote]

It DOES seem that he was more interested in saving the banks. And then he signed off on the stimulus bill, which is the biggest pile of Leftist causes since the Communist Manifesto.

It is bewildering how he remains popular. How is he in any way helping Americans?