Raging Libido and Crazy Sex Drive

For those of you who have a raging libido and chase your significant other all over the place, can you state your current protocol and why you feel it’s working so well. Thanks as always…

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No so simple:

Libido is all in the brain. With TRT, the huge increase in T can make some hyper sexual for a while. But that fades to normal after months or years as your brain gets used to the new game. I use the term “honeymoon effect”.

When I was 56 YO starting TRT, after having sex 2-3 times per day for 17 days, my wife called a time out and told me she could not sustain that. Fair enough, but I was still crazy and obsessing constantly.

Many start TRT and after a delay, get a huge libido increase only to find that after 6-8 weeks that fades from increased E2. In my case, E2=37 was a real problem. With anastrozole 1mg/week I felt re-born and my moodiness and intolerance were gone, more analytical than emotional, some things can piss me off, but never angry. Soon dosed to E2=22pg/ml with other gains. A few guys seem paradoxically to work better with higher E2 levels. So protocol objectives are most important. Some metabolize T excessively and need high doses. Some over-respond to anastrozole and need four times less. Some generate high T–>E2 in their testes with small dose hCG.

Libido is a measure of male health and other things can easily hold you down. The most common complication we see here is low thyroid function. Stress and other medical issues can spoil the game.

So there is no magic protocol other than the things that I suggest 10 times per day. Take care of your general health, fitness, stress, sleep hygiene and nutrition. Take care of your wife/GF, she has similar issues with her libido as well as her cycles.

Before hCG, my wife was distressed about my testes getting smaller. For some women, that can be an important thing for their sexual image of you and for many men, keeping testes normal is an important part of sexual self image.

As your wife ages, her hormone changes will be profound and the effects of that can be tender breasts, enlarge uterus, fibroids, painful prolonged heavy periods * . In my case I have been a huge part of my wife’s health in these regards. You have to help your wife maintain her health and comfort to the point that she is ready and willing for sex. That is not an easy task, do what you can, but do not be passive or un-engaged.

  • [I am convinced that most of these issues are caused by falling levels of progesterone. That begins mid-30’s for most women. The result is estrogen dominance that results from not enough progesterone to balance estrogens. Some women gets fibrotic breast tissue and that might be caused by iodine deficiency.]

Not all men are the same. If you were very sexual when young, maybe not getting what you needed, but always distracted by sexual needs and thought; that should come back if there are no other compounding factors.

Take care of your brain. The only thing that is addictive that is not harmful is probably coffee. Libido is a brain function, T enables, but its all in your head.