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this is a question for anyone who has used the rage x or is currently using it… i was going to get the titan fury but they told me it was going ot be 6-8weeks and just couldent wait that long so i got inpatieant and statched up the rage x. my questoin is im a no arch bencher, but i can arch (just dont like to) and am a elbows out kinda guy but can go elbows tucked. (now you see why i wwas going with the titan). so my question is can you get optimal results out of the rage x when using no arch? and is it possibile to use it with elbows out? thank you for your replys and input.

So basically you’re saying you want to use a bench shirt but don’t use any kinda form that the shirts are designed to work with?

I don’t think the arch is as big of a deal as the elbow tucking. You will have to tuck to some degree to get it to touch (shirts in general).

Are you competing?

Take this for what it’s worth…

I’ve got a good arch and I like to tuck my elbows. The groove of the Rage-X set my benching back by more than a year, and it also didn’t give me any sort of shoulder protection. I switched to the F6, and it’s been smooth sailing from there. I’m moving bigger weights and my shoulders are more protected.

You might be different, but to be honest, the guys who seem to respond best to the Rage-X are really fat, elbows-out guys with no arch.

Just my $0.02.


First off, never go thru Titan directly. They (for some fucked up reason) take care of their distributors before taking care of the general public. Bad PR move IMO. Visit one of the many distributor sites and you could have your shirt in a matter of days. I won’t post any links because the Mods get their panties in a wad over it, even though T-Nation doesn’t sell PL gear.
Personally, I lift with a double RageX and it works great for me. By the way, the comment that it only works for “fat guys who go elbows out” is retarded, unfounded, and actually just the opposite of the norm. You will hear guys who dog on one company or the other. Bottom line, both companies make shirts (Ragex/F6) that are not significantly different for the average lifter. If you want any more advice, feel free to PM me.

[quote]Eric Cressey wrote:

…the guys who seem to respond best to the Rage-X are really fat, elbows-out guys with no arch.[/quote]

Oh, to have a 60" rib cage…

I actually wasn’t aware of that, Eric, thanks.

I haven’t used any shirts by my own Fury, and I don’t think any of the guys I lift with use a Rage…

in answer to the first guys question yes i do compeat or wil be coming up here pretty soon. its not the facts that i dont want to do anything the shirt says its that i dont do anything. wwhich is why i was willing to learn. but if i dont have to change my style then why would i, anyways thanks for the replys.

since you’re actually competing I’d say get in a shirt, work on the groove of the shirt a little and figure out if it’s complimentary to your style.

If it’s not, consider changing styles or shirts.

Either way, stay strong, stay safe.

Best wishes for your upcoming meets.