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Rage RV5


I'm just coming off a 30 day cycle of Rage RV5 and all I can say is WOW! I've gained 12 solid lbs and my stats have gone through the roof. No long term results yet but I just wanted to see if anyone who's taken this (or something similar) has had results like this and if you have advice on how to better keep the gains made from it? Also, I am taking Nolvadex as a PCT


Nice gains.

Good job too on getting the nolva. So many people go with OTC crap. From my googling, it looks like that stuff you took has superdrol, phera & hdrol in it, so yeah, you'd expect some bulk. You'll certainly lose some of it but hopefully a lot of that is just water weight.

Don't cut PCT short... SD & phera can both cause gyno. Lift heavy but keep the volume reasonable during PCT... don't stress your body. Keep eating. That's about it.


2 posts... rep?


He wouldn't be much of a rep if that's all he's done here since joining in November.


thanks man. I dont go online too much lately. dont know what a rep is but I'm just looking for advice.


No prob. He was intimating that you work for whatever company sells Rage.