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Rage Fest: Punishing Criminals.


A woman who punished her foster daughter by plunging hypodermic needles into the girl's eyes and beating her with various objects was sentenced Friday to 14 years in prison. Prosecutors asked for and received a high-end sentence for Chornice Kabbelliyaa, who pleaded guilty in September to one count of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.


Alright, what should we do to this one?


You are an idiot.


Fill her cunt with cement. Then drain her boobs of fat and inject it into her back. Then kill her.


Just thinking about the needle in the eye is making me cringe like a motherfucker.


14 years in prison? Way too long, bad shit happens everyday all across the world. This is just one case, why the outrage?


good lord how much of this shit do we have to read today


"Way too long"??? For child abuse and STABBING A CHILD IN THE EYES WITH HYPODERMIC NEEDLES????


you gotta visit the argument in the other thread



I love the whole "Bad shit happens everyday, everywhere arguement," so flawed.

I guess your parents never told you the wise saying "If everyone else jumps off a bridge, would you do it too?"

Just because the Quantity increases doesn't mean the Quality of outrage should decrease.

You would be singing a different fucking tune if your 5 year old brother/son/loved one got stabbed by that worthless shit.




Hell yeah Dude! Fucking people are starving in Africa and you're worried about this bullshit? WTF is wrong with you......


mark my words these stories will give me bad dreams tonight


Damn, this totally fucked my day up....I will now go into the fetal position under my desk and continue to lament the horrific actions of humanity...


I've spent almost a year of my life in Africa. I took food to starving kids and provided more than one orphanage with food, medicine and clothing.

My team and I went to a very remote village, who's entire population was so completely riddled with TB that they couldnt function, to administer medicine and aid.

I was part of a team that picked up a 2 year old girl who had fallen into a giant pot of boiling water. She had 3rd degree burns on 60% of her little body. We extracted her and got her to a real hospital for treatment. We saved her life.

I know the shit that is going down in Africa and I have definitely done my part to help.


I have posted in that thread already :slightly_smiling:

In this specific case I think 14 years is an acceptable punishment. I dont like the idea of her getting off in half the time for "good behavior"... but 14 years seems like an acceptable punishment IMO


Look Man, I was being about as serious as your profile pic.


In that case... you were being dead serious!

lol... I was going to ask if you were being serious or not cause I saw you post some very contradictory things. After i posted that I read another post of yours and thought.... "waaaaaaait a minute..."


WINNING! Sir you are a turncoat, a traitor, and a troll. However, my hat is off to you if you did all that stuff in Africa, very good of you.


Jesus, that girl lived with this sadistic bitch for 9 years.