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RAF Training Log! Back to Full Fitness

well I want to join the logistics of the royal air force, I am looking at applying in 3 months, I wouldn’t say I’m in great shape but im looking to get back into shape, so I want to apply in reasonable shape and just keep getting fitter and stronger throughout the raf process.

so im starting a log to post my workouts, how my diet is going and my motivation level. and hope to hear a few responses maybe some advice or just to say hi, whatever It is motivation is key.
im training with my cousin tomorrow.
ill let you know of how things go

so i trained with my cousin today. this is my workout
DB Bench Press
Dumbbell Row
Kettlebell swings
Power Cleans
we did 3 sets each, cant remember how much weight and reps.
then we hit the pads, I basically punched the pads for as long as possible
then did 5 more rounds.
it was a messy kinda workout just doing anything but I felt it after acheing everywhere.
had a shake and a banana after

my weight right now is around 12st 5, im going to apply for the raf when I get to 10st 5

Im no expert in boxing but im just going to punch the hell out of some pads tomorrow, and do press ups, chins/pullups and dips, sit ups, dorsal raises, squats, lunges, deadlifts

my workout today - 2.5mile run

was good to get out in this wet miserable weather, but I still had some energy left which was good, time was around 23minutes, It was only a jog though

went to my cbt today for my ibs and anxiety issues which i dont think i stated in any previous posts, got more out of it than last time and hopefully it will help.

also i did 2.5miles last night which im really happy about, hopefully i can do more later this evening.

looking forward to getting to the gym monday and going from there

i havent stated but will state now that i do suffer with low self asteem and confidence issues but hopefully it will improve through cbt, weight training and joining the raf

so last night i did a 4.2mile run which i was over the moon about.