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Radius Bone in Elbow Fractured (Recovering)

can somebody please help? april 20 i fractured my radius bone and 3/4 of it is broke and 1/4 is still there. i was in arm cast for 2 months and it was removed at june 20 and its been almost 3 weeks and the wrist mobility is back but i still can’t straight my arm/elbow what should i do should i wait for a week? there is no improvement at all. please help. i can’t go to the doctor because my doctor is in a vacation for 2 weeks. so i’m asking some opinions in this forum thank you. ( sorry for bad english )

can someone please help guys

You should have started physical therapy the day that cast came off. ROM doesn’t come back on its own after being immobilized for two months

i started physical theraphy the day the cast came off and my wrist mobility is back but still i cant straight my elbow. im doing some stretches for my elbow but i only know two. do you know other stretches that will help my elbow?