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Why in the hell do we need another movie with a retard that teaches us a lesson about life? First of all, playing a retard is the easiest acting role and yet it always gets Oscar nominations via Sean Penn,Tom Hanks,and a few others. The fact that he plays a black retard will definitely put Cuba in the Oscar circle…it’s all politics which makes me sick.

It’s a movie made for drinking games. Every cheesy line, everyone drinks. Anyone still standing after the first act wins.


Cuba is already in the Oscar circle (best supporting actor Jerry Mcguire)

I think that playing a mentally challenged person is harder than it looks. Just look at the performances from Dustin Hoffman in “Rainman” and Leo Decaprio in “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Although “Radio” looks like its going to be another emotional heart wrenching feel good movie, it shouldn’t deminish the role that Cuba Gooding Jr. is playing. He’s one of the more diverse actors out there, christ he’s played a flamboyant art dealer in “As good as it gets”, a dorky dentist in “Snow Dogs” as well as Carl Breashear in “Men of Honor” … the list can go on and on.

Just my two cents.


It has gotten terrible reviews so maybe he will not be praised for it.

But why the teeath? Are those really necessary?

And why the “teeath”? Is a complete lack of spelling skills necessary?

Edward Norton’s mentally challenged character in The Score was the best one I have seen.

I thought Gilbert Grape was great. Leo was such a good retard.

Oh, and has anyone ever watched the espy’s? Well, this kid, who is mentally handicapped, won an espy last year for being inspirational. He never missed practice, always did everything to better the team, but never played. His final high school game, both coaches agree to let him score a touchdown, but he didn’t know it. The ball was handed to him and he ran it for a touchdown. He was so excited. It made me cry, honestly.


Colin, D’ya catch that on Oprah? HAHAHA
No, I’m kidding, cry if you want to, it’s fine. Pretty touching stuff.

Make fun of me all you want, but it’s not gonna change the fact that I cried.


Made me cry, too.

Radio will still suck.

Shaun Cassidy played a good retard in a made for TV movie and he’s not exactly the best actor.Unless the ‘Hardy Boys’ is acting genus.I forgot the name but in true retard fashion there was a scene where he starts destroying things after he realizes he’ll never be like anyone else(which cause the tears to roll). Like I said anyone can play a retard and it’s an easy Oscar.

"I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in Hollywood. The “Elite Media” has been very desirous to see a Black Retard do well.

This Black Retard got a lot of credit for this movie that he didn’t deserve. The other actors carried this movie".

~Rush Limbaugh gives it a thumbs down

Colin, I’m just teasing. I saw the video of the touchdown and it was very emotional. My Dad worked with mentally handicapped people in a rehabilitation type of job. I’ve known several of his “clients” as he called them and I grew a strong compassion for people with a mental disability. Evertime I see a person with Downs syndrome I wanna get to know them. Can’t help it.

On a small hijack here, If anyone figures he’s a real tough guy emotionally: he doesn’t have daughters. They pull and tug and play your heartstrings like a harp.
End hijack.


Lumpy, LOL!

oh boy another tard film we can do with out. simply put there taking up valuable oxygen i could be breathing.

Then don’t go watch it if you don’t want to, you jackasses.