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Radiation Risk to the West Coast?


I have been posting these over in the http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/tsunami?pageNo=6#bottom thread with little response. So I thought it appropriate for it's own thread. A tsunami is created by the forces of nature.

This fucking radiation risk to the West Coast of America (don't let the government make you believe that it's not) is man made (Japanese made, IAEA made, ultimately US government made.). The risk remains unmitigated and is spiraling out of control. If you live on the West Coast I hope that you have appropriated your supply of Potassium Nitrate. I hear that stock's are in short supply.

Ulitimalty you can thank your US government, and the IAEA gravy train for this unfolding disaster.


No. It's minimal at best.


Stay up to date here http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENAU280&tbs=rltm%3A1&q=fukushima&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=


Don't worry about dying from this...the world ens in 2012 anyway. Or that moon thing this month.

How did Y2K go again. I forget?


Yeah, like radiation isn't real and shit.


Errm we all died if I remember rightly.


No, I know radiation is real.

But I'm not saying any more.


People are already dead from this fuck head, and there will be many more. Have some respect.


It's real, but the hype over the danger is overreaction. The effect will be minimal at best. Distance+ dispersion= relative safety.


It's not over yet, by a long means.


If you're talking about the workers at the facility that are trying to contain the fires and fix the damage, you're right. They are heroes.

Don't start calling names.


Sorry Nards, wasn't directed at you.




I know it isn't. But the actual threat is relatively low for now. Plus, the preventative measures (taking KI) can have bad side effects if you don't actually need it. The other option of leaving will destroy the economies. There needs to be a certain level of calmness, so that if the threat mounts, people can act rationally and leave orderly. All exit strategies would be chaotic, but some level-headedness would be nice.

Keep calm and carry on.


Ah, I see...yeah...sorry.

It wouldn't be proper to revel in the fact that one is far from a danger like radiation...as there may be people that are not.
Take note I'm in Taiwan, 1400 miles from Japan.


Oh, was it to me? For my response to Nards on a comment completely unrelated to the crisis in Japan but very related to the propagandic hysteria of 'world-ending disasters' like 2012 and 2YK comment he made?

Respect? Don't talk to me about respect.

"US citizens are now at risk again from Japanese fuck ups."

^ who said that there? Yea, you.



There are reports of people stocking up on shit, but personally I won't buy into it.


Yeah, don't.


Jesus Christ. Did you just bring up Pearl Harbor?