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Radial Head Replacement

Hi folks

Seen a previous post by a member (sasben) about this subject . It was from ten years ago, i found it through a Google search. Iv just had this operation on my elbow and would like to hear how he got on training after the op. Iv only just joined so sight won’t let me message him directly. Not sure how this works but any chance someone could bring this to his attention so I could ask him a few questions would be much appreciated. Cheers

Hey Crawf87, hope you are doing better these days. Did you ever get hold of “Sasben” by any chance?

How has recovery been for you? I’m 1 month in since post-op and it has been tough as hell. I’m wondering if you’ve able to start lifting again. Or even basic stuff like pushups? Any advice/tips you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!