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Rader Chest Pulls

Dr. Darden, do you have any experience with Rader chest pulls, especially for the purpose of ribcage expansion? If so, what’s your opinion on them, and do you have any guidelines on how to perform them and use them?

I remember reading about the Rader chest pulls, but I’ve had no experience with applying them.

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Dr. Darden, I know I must have read it before but I forget what you attribute your massive rib cage to besides genetics? Lots of stiff arm rib cage type Stretchers when you were very young while the ligaments would still respond to stretching?

From ages 14-20, I always did one dumbbell pullovers lying crossways on a bench immediately after my barbell squats. Those helped a bunch.

I have a complete chapter on rib-cage stimulation in my eBook: *The New Bodybuilding for Old-*School Results.

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Dr. Darden, I’m curious about what got you into muscle building at or before the age of 14? I’m guessing sports?  I started around then with hopes I’d get big enough to stop the bullies from beating me up all the time. Funny how very few kids thought of muscle building at that time .

Dr. Darden, I’m wondering what got you into muscle building at or before the age of 14? Maybe sports? I started about then with hopes of stopping the bullies!

In the eighth grade I wanted to get bigger and stronger to play football better. We had a football coach who introduced me to lifting. That next summer, I purchased a set of weights from our sporting goods store. Several other kids around me did the same. They brought their sets over to my dad’s garage.

At the end of the summer, they quit training – and I kept the weights, which totaled about 400 pounds. I stuck with the lifting throughout my high school years and weighed 190 pounds when I was a senior.

That added muscle – perhaps 40 solid pounds – made me a much better athlete and changed my life eventually.