RAD 140/Testalone Experiences?

Anyone have any experience with RAD 140? I did some searches on the forum and didn’t find much on specific SARMS. I’m on TRT 200mg/wk, looking to add a little bit more, 200mg isn’t doing much on its own. Would this work with a low dose such as TRT? Previously competed in tested BB shows so this is all new to me. Dipped my toe in, ready for the jump.

How long have you done TRT? It is a slow game getting the muscle benefits from TRT IME.

This forum does not have many users (that post frequently at least) that have SARM experience.

I have used MK-677 which gets lumped in with SARMs, but is technically a peptide.

The only real advantage I see with SARMs is that you can get them legally. I think Anavar has less sides than many of the SARMs, and does a lot more. Tbol is in that same category.

From what I have heard RAD is one of the more effective SARMs though.

Thanks for responding. Haven’t been on long, just a few months. I guess I was expecting more for the amount of needles I’m sticking into my glutes. From what I could glean, RAD is supposed to offer the most bang for the buck, I just can’t find much on it’s impact if you are already taking test C. For example are they competitive, complementary? Anavar would be ideal from what I have read getting it is the issue.

This is a common thing people think when new to TRT. My physique has steadily improved while on TRT, but it has been slow progress over about 2 years now. Honestly, the big difference is how much body fat I hold, and being able to trim down without losing muscle.

RAD is suppressive, but you don’t have to worry about it. I would think it would be complementary to test.

This is true with a lot of AAS people want to run. Primo, VAR, Tbol to an extent, GH is not AAS, but is very common to be faked. Basically, the more expensive, the more likely it is underdosed, fake, or something else.

How often do you do blood work for you TRT? Are you going through a Dr.? Just more test can be a really good cycle that isn’t super hard to source. The bang you would get from 2 extra vials of UGL test (on top of your TRT) will blow away the RAD.

I tried RAD at 15mg and 30mg, I think, for a little while but just didn’t get much out of it on top of my TRT. I’ve recently started Anavar, and even just 25mg daily my strength & energy have gone up like crazy. That’s what I was expected from RAD, just didn’t happen

I ran 10mg a week last year with trt 125mg. Strength was great. Small weight increase. Good gym aggression.

This year. Ran 15mg wit trt 150 mg. Didn’t sleep well. Woke up every morning 330 am with wood in my ya f and could go back to sleep. Strength went cup. Cut about 5 pounds. Muscles harder. Mabey 2-3 # water retention. Blood pressure went up a little. Had to cut it short to 6 weeks. Couldn’t handle the lack of sleep.

I started the 15mg. About three weeks after increasing my trt. So some of sleep could of been due to that as well:

I ordered some the other day, going to give it a shot. I also ordered some Ipamorelin/CJC 1295, I’ll give that a cycle and see how it goes. Anyone know a good UGL they’ve tried?

I tried it pre-trt, once I knew that I was going to end up being on for life when I saw my blood work. It was alright, nothing memorable. You’d get more from adding something like anavar or tbol to your trt, I know the attraction is that these are easy to buy online from overseas, so I get it. But don’t expect too much and frankly understand that you’re paying a lot for a lesser result. But otherwise it’s worth a try if you don’t want to dive right in to the dark side.

Agree with iron. Rad 140. Increased strength a little and helped me lift hard in calorie deficit. No major gains. I wasn’t expecting to explode. But was hoping to speed up getting to genetic limit. But I still have some left over so will probably continue it untill I can get ahold of real thing

I’ve got a bunch of testalone in my drawer at home. I started it once a while back, but within a few days I got the pumps something fierce. For reference, tbol is my go-to oral, and I typically don’t get the pumps until mid-way through week 5 or so. I was taking some other stuff with the testalone, but I don’t recall what specifically(aside from mk-677). Might try it again at some point, alone with just my TRT dose.

Going to try yk in September

That one looks appealing. Chemically speaking it’s just a straight-away testosterone derivative oral steroid. It’s most certainly not a SARM, but since it’s still classified that way there are vendors overseas that get away with selling it.