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Rad 140 PCT? How Soon to Cut with Catharine? With What SARM?

So i just finished a 8 week cycle of rad 140 20 mg a day do I need a pct will I be able to keep my size I gained 20 lbs. I i wanna maintain my weight but not get fatter or skinnier I am 5 10 and weigh 200 lbs I was 180 when I started. Also i was thinking about doing some creatine in a month to cut wondering what anyone’s experience with that and what warm to run with it. Honestly I am just trying these sarms because I don’t have access to the real juice.

You should run a real pct after something like RAD140. Based on the (admittedly thin) evidence out there it is pretty suppressive and you’re better off going the pct route rather than just leaving it up to time.

Your title says cutting with “Catharine” and then you mention cutting with creatine. I assume you mean cardarine and it was just autocorrected. If so then I have no positive thoughts about that particular drug. Cutting happens in your kitchen, not in a pill.

I meant cadarine and I was thinking of using lgd with it. The issue I’m having is when I cut with just my kitchen I loose to much muscle mass so I would like some kind of supplementation to keep my mass from bulking so I can get under 10 % body fat. I am eating 3000 calories in gona drop it down to 2500 and see how that feels and maybe go lower. And i got some Mexican nolva dex is that ok for pct and how much? I’m thinking like 20 mg for 2 weeks since rad 140 isn’t super suppressive

Welcome to the struggle of every natty lifter out there. Cardarine won’t help you keep any size during a cut. LGD probably will, but then you’re back on the path that leads to another pct. That constant back and forth isn’t great.

Hi going to be starting rad 140 was told 4 weeks on 1 week off taking liv 52 on the week off then back on for 4 weeks is that ok to see gains

What is the reasoning behind this? Any information would be great.