RAD 140 and Suppression Help Please

New to the supplement world and seeking advice, I’m 32yrs, work full time as a carpenter with 2 children and a wife, total body workouts every other day with occasional cardio as my job is very physical. I’ve recently been taking rad140 and will end after a 6week cycle.

It’s week 2 and I feel amazing, my job and family life had zapped my energy and strength, I was looking for advice on PCT for the suppression that’s likely after 20 to 30 mg a day of rad 140. Diet and sleep are dialed in

I would recommend to get some lab work done to show that you have shut down natural test production. I am not sure what the half life of RAD is, but normally recommended to start a PCT 2-3 weeks after the last injections. Then Nolvadex for 4 weeks, 40/40/20/20, while being on sarms, you might not need that long of a pct.

I’ve read that tapering the dosage down to 10 the 5mg forward the end is best for getting hormones balanced after a sarm cycle but it’s all murky. A lot say pct is not needed at all but I can feel the positive effects and there is bound to be some repercussions, what I’ve read is that with the nature of sarms and herbal pct may be all I need, we will see and thanks

P.S. I’m aware of dangers and accepted them, Just hard to pack on size when you do 8hrs of labor/cardio a day, anyway all and any advice appreciated.

You should have Nolva ready, but it might not be strictly necessary. Rad-140 is certainly suppressive, but to what degree is unclear. If you need a pct it is likely to be similar to an oral-only style cycle, which is to say a shorter run of Nolva at perhaps 20mg/d. But again, this is a wild guess.


I found RAD noticeably suppressive. Achy balls and shrinkage.

It gets out of your system pretty quickly, maybe a couple of days max. Start PCT asap, 20mg/d as the yuppster suggests. I’d run that for a month.

Thanks fellas, I appreciate it, just gathering intel so I can try to head off any major issues.