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Rad 140 and Estrogen Crash?

Hi guys.

Been doing alot of reading on rad140. I understand how ssrms work, how they can cause suppression and potentially crashing test etc.

I’ve also read that during the first few weeks when the sarm binds to the androgen receptors and all the free testosterone is floating around it can aromatise into estrogen. If you get sides you can use an AI or serm I get that.

Has anyone heard of it crashing estrogen? I’ve read about it on a few websites where once you become heavily suppressed after week 6 or 7 it can crash your estrogen due to your test being suppressed and no aromatisation occurring.

No estrogen - means no gainz. After week 6 or 7 if your having trouble sleeping, lose libido and have achy joints it could be symptoms of crashed e and your gainz will halt.
I’ve read people have used e2 creams etc.

Can anyone shed some light on this?
Anyone had blood work during a rad 140 cycle ?
Is this even a thing ?

The one time I tried RAD with my TRT (100mg T / 10 then 20mg RAD) I did notice low e2 symptoms after about 2 weeks. I was trying to find a way to take less of my rx’d TRT dose test and save some up for a blast. I heard a YouTuber say that RAD could lower e2, so I stopped and went back to 200mg test & felt back to normal after 3-4 weeks

Yeah I forgot to mention that. The YouTuber I got this off runs a base of test with rad, he also said that helped. So it must be a thing then