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Racking the Bar: Clean, etc


So I finally have access to a gym with bumper plates and platforms for weightlifting this coming summer. I won't be able to lift there regularly for the time being, but I plan on practicing what I can without bumper plates at my current gym (bar work, jerk variations, press variations, etc).

I have a question about racking the bar when receiving a clean, during front squats, jerks, presses, etc.
I read suggestions to pull the shoulders up and forward somewhat so that the bar is resting on the delts entirely and not at all on the clavicles, and conversely I have also heard that the shoulders should NOT be up and forward, and that the bar should be resting on the clavicles.
Which is right? Can both be right? I would love to get some feedback about this from our resident weightlifters.


Well, if you watch elite lifters clean, the bar will end up on their clavicles AND front delts. I recently started meking sure the rack was in this place and my cleans and front squats have started improving again. Some people will say not on clavicles, but it should be there with the elbows up and the delts taking some of the pressure off the clavicles.


Ok so basically the halfway point between the two extremes! Thanks much.



No, no. The clavicles is the proper place, with elbow forward pointing and bar probably in open hands(closed ok, if you have the wrist flexibility). On the delts themselves is a weaker position, putting the bar further away from you, which is especially troublesome if you intend to jerk or press it. Also, on the delts probably indicates that you didn't clean it properly in the first place or that your flexibility needs work.

Now, get in there and get those collerbones bruised up.



Thanks for your input coach.
I just heard recently from another lifter that the collarbones are able to support large amounts of weight if trained properly. The thought of separating a collarbone popped into my head and put me off a bit, but having a coach say something similar makes me feel better.