Rack Squats (Starting at Top, Not on Rack) as Main Lift?

Hey everyone! I was asking you all for advice before on performing squats and deadlifts with significant mobility issues owing to a disability. I have the deadlifts figured out. I use blocks (made of fitness magazines duct taped together…) to lift the bar a slight bit off the ground. I keep the bar as low as I can without losing form and a straight back. In fact, I only have the bar about an inch or two higher than a normal deadlift, so that’s fine.

The squat, I sometimes have trouble judging whether I am hitting the right depth, and sometimes I worry that I am sort of cheating myself when I go for a rep record. I hit a rep record, but then I start wondering was I going to my full depth for the reps.

Anyway, long story short, I was wondering what do you think about using a rack squat as the main lift? I’m not talking about the Anderson squat, where you begin the lift from the bottom position. I would be talking about a sort of box squat, where you begin from the top position as normal, and lower to the rack pins, instead of lowering to a box. I currently use this lift as a supplementary lift, but I like how I can guarantee I’m reaching a correct depth. Can I use this as my main squat move?

Thanks for your help everyone!

I think when you touch the pins( safeties) it will throw your groove off. I have squatted to a box ( you could use a bench) for years to insure depth. I squat on a box not a box squat as WSB describes. Make a video and look at your depth on the box and adjust the height accordingly. Don’t bounce off the box, just touch your butt on it and go up.
Good luck

I don’t give much advise on the internet any more, but using the pins as a depth gauge sure seems like all kinds of bad. Use a box instead.

Use a box - too many people trying to be clever when the world has already answered the question.