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Rack pulls

What can I use as blocks to perform partial deadlift or rack pulls as described in Ian Kings 12 week limping program? I work out in my garage and I cannot afford technique racks.

I constructed my pulling blocks by screwing and glueing 18 inch sections of 2x6s.

3/4" particle board boxes with hard padding on top. Put a " + " shaped brace inside (like the supports under a waterbed).Screw it together with 2" screws.It’ll hold a ton.

cut, paste, and nail down some lumber to make the blocks to the height, length,and width you want them to be. if they’re hollow, stuff them with a sandbag or something that will maintain the shape of the box without cracking the wood when lowering the weight. also, add a thick pick of rubber or some sort of matting on top so that the weight of your weight is distributed better across the top surface.