Rack pulls

Does anyone here do Rack Pulls? There kind of like deadlifts off the pins in the power rack. I’m wondering if anyone likes them better than deadlifts from the floor for upper back thickness.

They would expose the upper back muscles to more tension than they would otherwise, so I think they would be good, at least for a while.

I do rack pulls in addition to DL’s from the floor. I like both, but rack pulls are also great to work the lockout of your deadlift.

i do them sometimes. you can usually handle more weight on the top end using partials. trouble is most people can’t pick them up using good form from the rack. www.michiganpowerlifters.com

rack pulls are great,theycan be used to help the lockout or do pulls from the knee etc. or high pulls from different levels. best thing i ever did was buy a powerrack its awesome and nothing compares.

I think that I pretty much understand this movement, but can anyone direct me to an online demo of it? thanks

IMO, rack pulls are a much better upper back exercise than regular deads. More weight can be used and you won’t have to rely on lower back/ham/glute strength as much, so the effect on your leg days will be less. Just focus on keeping the shoulders back and setting the back throughout the lift. I usually set the pins at just below knee level.