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Rack Pulls in Smith Machine


the gym i train at doesnt have a proper power rack (shit gym)..but ive been tinking about using the smith machine to do rack pulls but will they transfer over to my full deadlift or does it have to be with a free bar?


There is pretty thick guy at my gym who does alot of stuff including rack pulls in the smith, I however wouldnt do it.But since its your only choice do it and yes it will transfer over to your DL.


Is their anyway you could stack up plates or pilates mats and pull off those? They should do just as good as rack pulls, better for the bar too.


where there's a will, there's a way. i've used aerobic mats stacked up, aerobic steps, plates, wood, etc. the smith machine is going to keep you in a fixed plane of motion. obviously, your deadlift is not in a fixed plane. the short of it- it will fuck up your deadlift technique.


I actually much prefer rack pulls off of blocks or plates rather than in a power rack. Something about that clanking and sliding around that I don't care for.


Agreed, I think you should try to find a way to do this OP.


yeah i think ill try that, theres aerobic steps i could use ill try it out.
thanks guys


Be careful when you're putting the bar down on them, I've seen people smash the Reebok ones. Best tip I could give is stack some plates UNDER the step to give it a bit more support and load bearing capacity in the middle!


they're the ones my gym has and all LOL

thanks ill put some plates under it when am trying them.