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Rack Pulls for Posterior Chain Exercise?


I'm getting ready to do Mike Robertson's "Designer Athletes" templates (was an article here a few years back). For the "heavy posterior chain" group of exercise I'm thinking of doing snatch-grip or regular grip rack pulls from knee level.

Obviously these hit the spinal erectors hard, but I was wondering they hit the glutes/hams hard enough to warrant them being in the "heavy posterior chain" group of exercises. Thoughts?


yeah, they work depending on how straight you keep your legs. I prefer goodmornings.

I'm curious the reasoning behind a snatch grip rack pull. It was my understanding that snatch grip pulls allow a longer range of motion much like a deficit pull. So you seem to be limiting the range of motion by pulling from the knee and then increasing it by using a snatch grip.

Why not just regular pull from a lower rack setting?


Eric Cressey wrote about them in mastering the deadlift part 3.

Main benefits seems to be upper back strength.


Yeah, he seems to be saying it's an exercise in between rack pulls and floor pulls.