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Rack Pulls Below Knees Close to DL from Floor


I am gradually working my way down with rack pulls 10-20kg above my max deadlift.
I did pulls just below my knees today, will this be close to what I can deadlift off the floor. I am probably going to try midshins next week or perhaps in a second session this week.

My bench went up another 5kg (140kg),so I can't complain. The 140kg was easy too.I do a Westside style Bench workout 1 max 1 dynamic /ballistic with no assistance exercises. Partly because I am too fat to get back up off the bench with the dumbbells that's after dropping them.

I am only naturally a 70-75kg person so my 140kg bench is nearly twice my non-obese bodyweight . I am 120kg so I need to lose a lot of weight to get my 3xbw deadlift Hopefully 230-240kg and 150-160kg Bench Press


Are you starting a log with this post?


No but I may start a Log.


I read something by Louie Simmons about rack/block pulls and I seem to remember something about the higher up the pull, the less correlation with your actually pull off the floor.

So, I’d guess below the knees at 20 kg over your max isn’t necessarily going to mean the same load off the floor.


I know pwnisher does something similar to a ROM progression for deadlift, seems to work very well for him. Personally I never found much carryover from a higher pull, the closer to the floor the better it worked for me.


How much you can pull from any given height depends on your own strengths and weaknesses and sticking points. In a recent video, Chad Wesley Smith said he can pull more from the floor than for block pulls. Personally, from mid shin to the knees I can’t handle much more weight than off the floor. I think rack pulls above the knees are universally agreed upon as being a waste of time.