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Rack Pulls at Home


With the recent injury prevention roundtable, I'm seriously considering starting my deadlifts from a little higher, as I tend to notice my neutral spine position is compromised in the start position. I am, of course, working on hip flexor mobility as well as hamstring stretches. Still, I'm looking for a cheap solution for deadlifting from a starting position higher than the floor.

I'm not looking for a real boost, even an inch or two would be nice. I use a homemade weight set for the most part, steel weights and a few concrete filled plastic ones on junk steel bars I've accumulated. As a result, my plates might be a bit smaller than standard olympic ones, but I'm sure the opening on the olympic plates would be too large for the bars I'm using.



Why don't you try pulling off of plates? Not having your feet on plates, but putting the bar/plates on top of plates on the ground. Wow that sounded confusing, but i think you get it.


He's talking about getting the bar higher, not himself. OP,get some 1x6's. Pile 'em as needed.


He meant putting some plates flat on the floor a few feet apart, then putting the loaded barbell on top of those plates. If you have the extra plates you can pull from as high or low as you want.


Yeah that's what i was referring to. I just didnt do a very good job of explaining it.


Maybe I'm overestimating the amount of space I'd need to drop the weight, but I can't help but feel wary of missing the plates or boards. I just cannot see my spine appreciating that surprise. With a power rack set up, it's pretty hard to miss the safety bars.

I don't want to have to lower the bar slowly and carefully to land on the plates or boards. Then again, my worry may be unwarranted. Does anyone do rack pulls in just this way at home with no problem at all?


I'm confused by this statement. Do you drop your bar? I always explode up and lower at a controlled speed.


Do you pick the bar up and take a walk with it? Surely you can drop a loaded bb on some short planks without missing them.