Rack pull w/ hold

Is there any advantage to attempting to hold rack pulls at the top of the lift? I tried this last week and the extra hold (30, 25, 20, then 15 seconds) seemed to make my upper mid back and traps very sore; this is aside from the obvious fatigue in my lower back.

Just a while ago, I tried the same thing. I started at 365, held for 30 seconds and then increased weight progressively to 495 that I held for 15 seconds. After the lift (especially about 30 seconds later upwards of 10 minutes) my spinal erectors were ON FIRE. It was difficult to stand up straight for about 2 minutes or so due to the massive fatigue and burn. A few minutes later I noticed that my forearms were on fire as well.

I’m wondering if this is going to increase strength or if it will just open myself up for injury. When doing rack pulls, I initially lift for speed and explosiveness. This last couple of times instead of going for a few reps on the heavier lifts I simply held them.

What’s the scoop here? I’m about 20 minutes post workout and I feel great; I don’t feel like I’ve trashed my back and I feel fatigued like I got an insane workout (I had already done bent over rows, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, and a few sets of T-Bars). I added the rack pull with hold hoping that it has a nice effect on my traps, forearms, and over the long term, grip. I did use straps but I use them in a way I’m not relying entirely on them.

I like to do this …i am not sure why…but i fell it works well for me handeling big weights and my grip…i have found the dl is the only movement where the weight always feels really heavy to me…so doing holds has helped me with thatt… bigm

hell yeah, now we’re talkin…nothing like holding 495 and looking around smiling at everyone while they stare at you lol

Today was great! I was using my loading pin filled to the top (405lbs, small pin) So 9 plates stacked up. Using the close grip cable row attatchment doing partial deadlifts, like a rack pull.
I was holding it for five seconds per rep.

People looking at me like I was crazy. I love it.