Rack pull PR

This morning I worked up to 500 in rack pulls. It was awesome, because it was the first time I have had that much weight in my hands. I think i might have been good for more because I did rack pulls after 12 sets of power snatchs and 12 sets of squats.
What a great feeling.

Congrats Man

Good Pull

From just below the knees I have got up to a quater of a ton in the rack pull and also the functional isometrics version.

Using bumper plates (20 kg and 10 kg) I could not fit anything more on the bar.

I agree that they are a ego stroker of the top order.

But they did not improve my power snatch, power clean and jerk at all so I dropped them.

My girlfriend (148 lb class) just full pulled 451 lbs in the WABDL meet in Tacoma Washington; No doubt heavy rack pulls help big time. One thing we do is add “ego bands” to the rack which allow you to go heavier and start the lift off from the bottom. This really helps with getting your hips through the last 4 to 5 inches. GOOD work!

Ego lift or not, as long as they will help me deadlift a car 15 times i dont care.