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Rack Pull Harder Than Full Deadlifts?


hey guys, does anyone here find that rack pulls 2 inches below the knee cap are harder than regular deads??? i can lift a good 10-15kg less like this.
i am guessing because the is less quad involvment.
Btw...i keep my shins quite vertical


This exact thread already exists and had quite a few responses IIRC...go search for it and your questions will probably be answered.


put your feet further forward, in front of the bar, to get the same leverage as a deadlift


Work up to a heavy single over a few weeks, don't just fly into a new exercise that your body isn't used to and expect it to be easy.


I found out the hard way through this same exercise. I actually started a thread just like this one. I tweaked my groin on these before. Be absolutely sure to start in the correct position (think where you would be a full pull in that position), and if anything feels off or iffy I would just terminate the rep.