Rack Pull (at Shin Height) for DL Technique

hello all :slight_smile: i am having an issue with my deadlift where my hips tend to rise first putting the brunt of the work on my lower back. the thing i would like to ask/address is: would doing Rack pulls @ shin height (like a couple inches off the ground) help teach my body to DL correctly by emphasizing “pulling back @ the start” while still incorporating leg drive and glutes/hams? also i found when i tried RP’s the right way (actually mimicking the deadlift) i sucked because im not used to tht “movement”

as an example here is what Mike Robertson had to say about RP’s "Many will tell you, “Just grip and rip!” While it’s good advice for some hardcore meatheads, it’s bad advice for the rest of us. Trying to yank the bar off the floor allows the hips to shoot up too quickly in relation to the torso. The hips shoot up, the bar drifts in front of the body, and you end up in a horrible position to finish the lift.

After you take the slack out, ease the bar off the pins (or floor), and finish by driving the hips forward at the top. Do your best to keep your chest up and back flat throughout"
what i have trouble with is pulling the slack out of the bar soooo this should prbably help reinforce pulling smoothly as well as proper tech. and not drain the CNS as much.

If your hips shoot up first, my guess is you dont sit back enough and you dont pull the slack out of the bar

Maybe try put two 5lbs in the position your feet are in when you deadlift. Walk up to them and put just the ball of your feet on them so it feels like your going to fall back, reach down and grab the bar and pull up. This will teach you to pull back and up and use leg drive.

Also don’t forget to stretch, have you soon mobilitywod site? Use of bands and balls for dynamic warm ups and getting more limble will help with deadlifting.

thank you for the advice, i have not problem w/mobility, my problem is teaching my body to “pull back” i find i suck @ doing RP’s properly because i cant pull back sooo i will try n do this. thus transfering over to my DL

Dude if yer ass is comin’ up first that tells me that you’re in a hurry. Slow down, drop the weight to maybe 50-60% of your maz and PRACTICE sitting back a bit and using your hands ONLY as hooks squat the bar up. But that’s just me talkin’ , Good Luck man!

Don’t squat the weight up. You need to pull the weight up.