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Rack Lockout ?


When I do power rack lockouts with 315 lbs (supramaximal)I notice; after I let the bar go. A shock wave flows over my arms and into my chest?

It dosent hurt, its just feels like my body is like "Wow, did you lift a bus or what?" Is this normal??


250 bench


Never had that happen. Course I don't really do rack lockouts that much cause I can't get the groove right, and they hurt my shoulders.


i've experienced the exact same thing. I hardly ever do rack lockouts nowadays, i think the 'sensation'your decribing is a result of your body genearating so much tension, (mainly for 2 reasons, your lifting above your max, and your moving the weight from the bottom postion) and then when you rest the bar onto the pins the load is suddenly removed,so your quickly going from max tension, to no tension, whether or not this is bad for i couldnt say, in my opinion, rack lockouts are great in moderation, my shoulders are fine, but i only do them every now and then, using a thick bar helps to restrict the weight, as does increasing the range of the lockout.
I read in one of Anthony dittilios articles to much bottom postion work can wear out the synovial surface of the joints, but i've never heard this any where else (not saying its never been said or written!) Also I'm sure i read that Dave Tate now favours the board press over the rack lockout as the rack lockout doesnt train the 'groove' and puts a lot of strain the shoulders.
Hope this helps...


It's normal. You will get used to this as time progresses.



I found a weird sensation would occur when I was doing max effort lockouts or very close to. A suggestion by Dave Tate that seemed to work for me was to tense up very hard just before pressing off the pins. It seemed to me that the immediate tension caused by just jamming the bar up caused that feeling. Give it a shot