Rack-less College Gym

well im pretty dissapointed after going to going to my new schools gym this morning…all there is, is a smith machine…how silly is that? anyways im just wondering what you guys feel are the best alternatives to barbell squats?

Time for some front squats :slight_smile:

I don’t know why, but I read your thread title like 3 or 4 times, and every time I did I saw “College girl has no rack”. I need sleep and/or sex.

say hello to hack squats, front squats, bulgarian split squats and lunges.

Lunges are a great excersize. And that and doing some bodyweight isometric excersizes will probably be sufficient enough depending on your goals, but if you want to able to have legs that could hold their own on a IFBB professional stage… I would try and find a gym with a squat rack ASAP. And its best to do big, full range of ROM squats one you do find a power rack.

hahah i heard there might be a new gym going up in town…anyways im new here so im still figuring shit out…

im curious how id do front squats without a rack???

clean the weight up to your shoulders

[quote]thosebananas wrote:
say hello to hack squats, front squats, bulgarian split squats and lunges.[/quote]

Agreed. You could also approach the gym manager and suggest they invest in one. I’m sure there are a few other guys who would want a rack who you could also get to ask the manager. Might get lucky…

that thought occured to me, but i know the first thing theyd say is “no room” but its probably worth a try anyways

im in the same boat as you atm.

DBs up to 35kg and a smith machine. thats it

Lunge for distance, dont count reps. make sure everyone is perfect.

Bulgarians are a real ass kicker. take a lighter weight and doing the jumping variation. works your core aswell

i really like hack squats, bend more in the kness than you would to deadlift. warm up your shoulders before hand though as they are in a weird postion when doing it.

one legged versions of the deadlift and squat are hard as fuck aswell.

still squat in the smith machine

depending on your squat. get 2 mates to clean it up and stick it on your back?

if there is a bench in the place, see if you can adjust the height of the supports and squat from it, even if you cant adjust it, start the squat in the bottom position.

if you have a low pulley machine, stand on an aerobic step and squat the full stack pluss minni bands.