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Rack Jerks


Does anyone know how to do these? I googled for descriptions and videos and I found no results.


You'll need a power rack (obviously). Set the pins at nipple level, load the bar with the appropriate weight, then stay inside the rack and jerk away. Think of it as a clean and jerk, except there's no clean because you scoop the bar off the pins in the "already cleaned" position.

Phenomenal exercise.


Yeah! Just remember that if you are inside a rack that you can't chase a jerk down.


If you have a rack with a connected platform, perform them outside the rack. That way you can dump it if need be.


Well that's not neccasarilly what is meant by "rack". It usually means from the "rack postition". That would be the postion you're in after you catch a clean. It is different from a push press or military press set up in that your elbow are up high as opposed to below the bar. You must start the movement with and explosive jump so that you may finish it out with a press.


Yes that's also a possibility... but isn't that just a "regular" jerk? I guess both are possible... good point.

Either way the principle is the same. Jerk only, no clean.


Rack Jerks are those guys that curl in the power rack...