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Rack/Grip Width for Strict Press, Push Press, Jerk?

Do any of you use the same Grip width for all 3? Do you have your strict Press racked on your shoulders?

I find myself unable to rack with my narrower OHP Grip. But with push Press and the Jerk my Grip is wider so I can actually rack the barbell.

Should I press all 3 with the width that I have when it’s racked across my shoulders?

Just curious what the rest of you do.

My Push Press and Jerk are 1-2 fingers wider, the same grip as my clean (a wide grip cause I have long arms). So when I OHP I clean it, then replace my hands and push.

The bar is touching my body on all presses. This is a disadvantage for strict press (longer ROM) but I prefer to be consistent because I don’t win an award for heaviest strict press and I’d rather not stuff up under competition conditions (if I manage to compete again :stuck_out_tongue:) .

Elbow position changes though. Jerks have elbows up because stability when using leg drive is most important. This doesn’t work for strict press unless you have Herculean triceps so elbows come underneath.

Hands are one thumb length from the knurling on all. That feels comfortable for me and again, consistency.