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Rack Deadlift vs Rack Pull

Could someone point me the difference between those 2?

I… don’t seem to be getting it…

Am I an idiot ?! :frowning:

kind of.

But dont worry about it.

Rack pulls are partial range deadlifts, specifically the top end, since the bar is resting on the racks and not the floor.

So the initial half squat from the floor is eliminated to allow you to handle absurd weight and increase your upper strength separately

Its basically like doing partial reps in anything else.

I dont do them very much because I prefer to just keep doing full motion deads.

But many swear by them and its definitely helpful as well as a huge ego boost.

I prefer full ROM, rack deads hit your erectors hard though. Most people IMO unless you’re fairly tall already don’t pull very far on normal deads. It’s just the TUT of a grindign pull that wipes someone out. Just my personal experience. Unless you’re training for a big dead, there are other lifts that hit the target groups better.

They mean the same thing to me.

They are two names for the same exercise.

Zraw is a Peter North imposter.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
Zraw is a Peter North imposter. [/quote]


…and yes, rack deads and rack pulls are different names for the same thing.