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Rack Chins!


I was just curious on the angles and grips that some of you use.

Is there much difference in the angle used, such as vertical, like a regular chin, or something closer to an inverted row?

Also, wide-grip, medium grip? I've tried both but I guess I don't see much of a difference.

Lastly, what type of ROM do you use? I have tried constant tension, and I've tried getting a good stretch at the bottom. Does anybody pull their chest all the way to the bar? It seems to be the only way to get a good ROM with your scapula for me, although it means much less weight.

Any other discussion on this exercise is welcome.

Thanks ahead of time for any tips or cues.


as far as body angle, its pretty personal i would think. you'll know when youve hit the right one, thats for sure. for me, i know im in the right position when from a dead hang, my upper bank is kind of rounded. so not vertical but DEF not horizontal like a row. use the widest grip possible. full range of motion to the top and then dead hang and push into the stretch at the bottom position. also, try and really control those negatives.

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It seems like an awkward position for me to retract my scaps for some reason.

I am going to try it closer to a row I think.

I read somewhere that the beginning of the movement is like a regular pull-up, then the second part of the exercise should be perform like a pullover, and finally finish it off at the top with a row. I guess that probably answers my own question.


I can't really describe the angle... I just hang? Haha.

Standard pronated grip as well works fine for me.



Everyone is dif, but the basics are the same. The dif angles work dif muscles on the back. For instance...wide grip with palms away work best for lat width, and palms away using the neutral grips works bedt for lat thickness. I use straps and concentrate on my lats performing the pull. Always dead hang for max lat stretch and up to top of chest.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the quick responses.


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Learn to anatomy plz.


flat6nut - For your information, wide grip (much wider than shoulder width) pull-ups is based on an old-school concept that a wider grip gives you wider lats...whereas in reality it's more likely to just grind/damage the shoulders on many people.

Medium grip's perfectly fine and more natural...


^Plus the dead hang position deliberately slackens the muscles stabilising the shoulder joint and if done repeatedly followed by an explosive concentric it leaves it open to injury.

The Glenoid Fossa and the head of the humerus need all the stability they can get esp. in this position so keep it tight.


^Which must be reason for me occasionally feeling some pain in the shoulder when I do these wide-gripped. Nothing crazy, just every once in a while I can't do any vertical pulling.


Dead hang is king for lats... Do not speak against it.


^Use to happen to me until I figured I should keep the bottom position tight and voila no more discomfort.

You would never go slack in the bottom portion of a squat, or in the upright position in the deadlift! You would always keep it tight and under your control. This same principal applies for chins/pullups/rack chins ect.


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...and as I stated...everyone is dif. But for most, wider than shoulder will work the width of the lats...and the neutral grip will work the thickness. Perhaps it is dif for you and skully.

I would agree with the slack at the bottom. When I said dead hang I should have stated complete stop not relaxed. Everyone knows that constant tention does work best.


That looks interesting. Just curious though...is the amount of weight he has in his lap more than the weight his full body hanging from a bar would be? Guess I would have to try it to see. Dont think I could do it that way by myself.


Some people have more robust joints than others, but still, it's not something I'd want to toy with (not when shoulder width grip does it the same).

I'd say that it's more the hands pronated or semi-supinated (and the stretch at the bottom) which hits back "width" more than just the distance of hand placement.


Relaxing the lats during a pulldown or some such lift is not a good idea at all... What takes up the slack? 'cuff and long head of the triceps... Jerking out of a relaxed/overstretched top position (well, bottom technically, end of the negative) on a wide grip pulldown is a great way to tear the tri long head, or a lat.
Not as common an injury as a bi tendon or supraspinatus tear or a herniated disk etc... But it definitely happens.


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The lats either contract or they dont. You CAN NOT cause them to grow wider without growing thicker or vice versa.


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